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I made an appointment with Du-West foundation repair 3 weeks ago for Monday, August 8 for 4pm.That was the soonest appointment they had.

No one showed. No call. No explanation. I spent 3 hours home waiting and had made special arrangements to be there.

Extremely unprofessional behavior. Probably representative of the company. Poor business practice. Highly do not recommend the company.

They sent a DVD to my home with typical marketing hype. They also informed me on the phone that to have someone come out they would charge me a $10 fee and I am in the Houston city limits.

I can just imagine what actually doing business with this company might be like.


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I just do not understand this.I had an appt.

set up for yesterday and the guy called twice b/c the weather was bad and he was going to be a little late.

And tehre was no charge at all.Very professional service in my case.

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